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Dykstra twins repaint nearly 100 picnic tables

posted Sep 14, 2017, 6:46 AM by Dan Rautenkranz

Brian and Brandon Dykstra, both 17 years old, have been part of Worthington Boy Scout Troop 134 since the first grade.

The identical twins look, well, identical. Brian is the first to admit he and his brother look “exactly the same.” So with a year of scout eligibility left, it’s only natural the two took on nearly identical ideas for their Eagle Scout projects.

In two separate projects that lasted two days and many hours, the twins painted every single picnic table in Maka-Oicu County Park, which had become their home for much of the summer.

“Our family has a seasonal out here, so we’re camping here all summer,” Brian said. “We saw the tables needed new paint, and it just made sense.”

Brian and his team of friends, family and fellow scouts painted a whopping 57 benches on Saturday, and Brandon’s crew would take care of another 36 on Sunday. The scouts gave the tables much-needed makeovers with a new, darker finish, and took care not to spill paint on the park’s natural landscape.

Nobles County Park Superintendent Jake Smith donated the paint and paintbrushes for the project, and had the old coats of paint scraped off the tables.

“Originally, one was going to do picnic tables and one was going to do bathhouses, but the summer got out of hand,” said Brian Dykstra Sr., father of the twin brothers. “So the county painted the bathhouses, and they were happy to leave us paint and paintbrushes for the picnic tables.”

The two brothers have worked their way up to senior leadership in the troop. Brian is senior patrol leader; Brandon is scribe.

Completing the project is almost the final step to becoming an eagle scout. Next up, the two will have to present themselves and their projects to the intimidating Sioux Council board of review.